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Product order and delivery and return policy

The products of the APL Company are delivered via post or delivery services, the Customer can also pick up the products at the corporate APL office and at the Regional Service Centers.

Product delivery is performed at the buyer's expense within the Russian Federation, European Union, Commonwealth of Independent States, the US and Canada. Shipping costs depend on the delivery services’ price list and the delivery location.

The Customer can pick up the Products him or herself without any shipment fees at the corporate representative office of the APL Group or at a Regional Service Center. The dropdown menu containing addresses of all available Regional Service Centers is available while placing the order. Order processing and order shipment (meaning giving the Products to the post or delivery services or to the Regional Service Center) is made within 60 (sixty) calendar days upon order payment.

Upon the receipt of the Products, the Customer must examine the state and scope of the order, after this the Customer should pay for delivery services and sign the invoice.

If the Order is picked up at a RSC, the Customer must examine the state and scope of the order and sign the invoice upon the receipt.

Product Order

The APLGO brand products can be ordered at aplgo.com and backoffice.aplgo.com. There is a user-friendly interface for ordering APLGO brand products on these websites in the store section.

Our company regularly conducts promotions, the detailed terms of which the company publishes on aplgo.com and backoffice.aplgo.com in advance. Some of these promotions include a presentation product in addition to the order at the customer's choice.

In order to receive a presentation product during the promotional period, the buyer needs to select a presentation product along with the main order and add it to the shopping cart. Then before paying, the buyer is obliged to confirm (a checkbox will appear on the site) that he agrees with the choice of the presentation product made by him.

To decline receiving a presentation product during the promotional period, simply do not add the presentation product to the cart and confirm (a box for the appropriate checkbox will appear on the site) that the buyer refuses to receive the presentation product before paying for the main order.

Product return

If product discrepancy or damage is indicated, the delivery service representative must submit a product discrepancy report in presence of the Customer.

If product discrepancy or damage is indicated when picking up at a Regional Service center, a RSC representative must submit a product discrepancy report in presence of the Customer.

Upon receipt and signing of related documents, no claims regarding quality, quantity, scope, package can be accepted (aside from claims regarding latent defects).

The Customer has the right to return the product at any time before it is delivered and within 7 (seven) days upon receipt if the marketable condition, package integrity and documents stating the terms of this product purchase are preserved. If the customer does not have documents stating the terms of this product purchase, he or she still obtains the right to use other evidence of purchase.

If the Customer received the Products with latent defects meaning that these defects were not possible to be detected upon receipt (opening of the product immediately upon receipt with the presence of the delivery service representative), the Customer has the right to inform the Company of such event within 7 (seven) days upon receipt of such Products and the right to demand the following:

• exchange the received products for Products of adequate quality;

• return of funds paid for such Product, while Product with defects must be returned to the Company.

Exchange of products of inadequate quality shall be done within the term that does not exceed term of order processing and delivery term together. Term of order processing is two business days upon its receipt. Term of delivery depends on the delivery services and way of shipping that was chosen by such service.

If the Customer received products with latent defects, the shipping fee for its return is paid by the Company. If the Customer returns the product of adequate quality, the shipping fee shall be paid by the Customer.

If the products are returned to the seller, due to their non-receipt by the buyer, due to the expiration of the storage period, after delivery to the delivery point of the postal or courier service, the buyer is obliged to reimburse the seller for the costs associated with sending, storing and returning the products ordered by the seller. The specified expenses can be deducted by the seller from the amount of funds on the buyer's balance in his personal account on the website backoffice.aplgo.com. In the absence of funds necessary to write off the costs incurred by the seller in connection with the non-receipt by the buyer and the return of the products, the seller re-delivers the products, taking into account the inclusion in the cost of the products, the costs incurred by the seller for the delivery, storage and return of products previously not received by the buyer.

Refund for return of the product of adequate quality before its receipt or for Products of inadequate quality is performed within 10 (ten) business day after the date of corresponding application submission.

To return the Products follow this procedure:

1. Write a message expressing your will to return the product (no particular form is required) using your personal account via feedback page;

2. Send a copy of ID/passport of adequate quality;

3. If you received the product via delivery service, you will have to pack the product in a package/box of a bigger size and fill the inner empty space with any available cushioning material that can prevent the product from damage; send the product to the address that you will receive via feedback page. You must put into the package/box a detailed list of enclosures. No claims shall be considered without a relevant list of enclosures.

In case of product return, the Customer pays delivery services on his or her own. If the reason for return is latent defects, such expenses will be refund by the Company if the Customer provides the Company with payment receipt for delivery services.

4. If the product was picked up at a RSC, the Customer can return the product to the Company directly by the official representative of such RSC.

5. With the returned products, the Customer will have to return relevant documents that are distributed with each order, a copy of Customer’s ID/passport, and a copy of confirmation of payment for such Products.

6. The Customer will also have to send a copy of confirmation of payment, a copy of Customer’s ID/passport, bank details for refund transfer and a photo of returned products at email info@aplgo.com indicating the reason of return.

Return denial can be done in the following cases:

• if the postal package integrity was damaged (you must use the original postal package only, do not use any tape apart from the official postal tape) and other materials;

• cash-on-delivery consignment.

Procedure of refund if the Customer returns the Product of adequate quality before its receipt and Procedure of refund if the Customer returns the Product of inadequate quality:

Refund is made by a bank transfer only.

To get the refund, the Customer has to send an email with a scan of the signed application (form for the application is at backoffice.aplgo.com) with indication of the reason for return and putting ‘Return’ as the email subject, do not forget to also disclose the following information and bank details:



3. Your full name

Be advised, that the contact details must be those of the Customer because refund to third parties is not possible.

The term of the refund transfer depends on the inner procedures of the Customer’s bank.

Be advised, that the real colors of products might differ from the colors on the digital images posted on the website that depends on your monitor/device screen settings. This does not make a reason for return of the product of adequate quality.

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